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Hướng dẫn làm bong bóng cực yêu nhé

Hướng dẫn làm bong bóng cực yêu nhé

Ngày đăng 14-12-2011

Welcome back to Science and we are glad to be back! Due to popular demand we took a Little break to energize and come up with a science show that can be released on any day. That being said what we did for this episode required us to figure out the perfect solution to make Super Sized bubbles. The great news is that you will have all the ingredients laid out for you without the hassle of figuring out the exact amounts or items. Not only that but learn fun simple science facts about surface tension, physics, basic chemistry, air pressure, and even reflection and refraction of light...all from BUBBLES! Now that's the way to teach science class!! There are a few ways to pull this off, in this episode we decided to use two wooden poles or dowel rods 50 cents each, two screw eyes (eye lit) to put in the top of each one and then cotton string to pull through the holes at the top and tie together. We then weighted it down with a simple metal washer. Grand total 5 bucks. For the sec

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