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Nối vòng tay lớn (English Version)

Nối vòng tay lớn (English Version)

Ngày đăng 07-06-2007

Nối Vòng Tay Lớn - by Rich Fuller & The Vinh Richard Fuller ,người Mỹ có trái tim đập theo dòng nhạc Trịnh ao ước được chọn cho mình một định mệnh "born in USA and pass away in Vietnam". Lời Nhạc: 1. From jungled hills to the distant sea, We form a giant circle to unite our country. From far and wide, we now return, With joy, like a sandstorm, to the far horizons, Let's now join hands : A great circle of Viet Nam Flags in the wind, happy nights and days, Of one blood our hearts ablaze, Reconciled, a new day. Hamlet, town now joined as one, Remember the dead as we bask in the sun, And one by one, we spread our smiles. 2. From North to South, we all join hands, From fields long abandoned to mountainous lands, We'll ford deep streams, climb over hills. From hamlets to the cities, We embrace with glee an eternal circle : Dead and living, one are we.

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